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Need a qualified locksmith ? To rekey your locks ?

Brent is demonstrating how he is "rekeying" an existing lock for a customer in Hawkstone, ON.  Rekeying is changing the lock, thus needing a different key to operate it.  We rekey a lock in order to prevent any unauthorized person from entering the premises.  This is common practice when people move into a new home.  The previous owner probably handed out keys to a babysitter, a neighbour or a dog walker.  Unaccounted keys can be threat to your family or property.  Even in new construction, keys can be in the hands of a contractor, a plumber or electrician as they come and go during the new build or renovation.
These images show the pinning kit, the cylinder removed from the lock and Brent replacing the pins.  Before purchasing new locks for your home, call Pop-A-Lock and see if the existing locks can be rekeyed.