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Barrie locksmith installs Schalge Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt

Brent Foster, our Pop-A-Lock owner and locksmith in Simcoe County is demonstrating an installation of the new Schlage Connect touchscreen deadbolt.  This product is one of the series of electronic locks available in the home automation keyless market.  The Schlage connect lock now works with Amazon Alexa or can pair with most home automation systems to allow the homeowner to remain connected to their house from anywhere.  The lock has an audible alarm if it senses the slightest movements or vibrations at the door, allows friends and family to enter without a key and it can be locked or unlocked remotely by the user.  The Connect lock can handle as many as 30 unique user codes.
Pop-A-Lock is keeping pace with the trends in the Internet of Things marketplace with the ability to recommend and install electronic locks for home and businesses.  Schlage has introduced a variety of different options; Schalge Touch (digital key pad), Schlage Sense (bluetooth applications) and the Connect (home automation)
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