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Pop-A-Lock rescues car owner for broken key ? Needs new key after all. Call the professionals.

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Pop-A-Lock Simcoe County was called to assist a customer for a broken key in the ignition. Stranded at the Canadian Tire in Midland the customer spent most of his Saturday trying to fish out the broken key but no luck. He even had some techs at the Canadian Tire to have a stab but no luck either. On a bright Sunday afternoon during a long weekend Pop-A-Lock was called to help. What was thought to be a broken key inside the ignition, actually was not the case. Although it may have appeared as a broken key it was the dust cover.  We placed a mechanical key blank in the ignition to verify and it fit like a glove "smooth fit". We decoded the door locks, and cut a new key for the customer and sent him on his way.