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Customers always need to make sure they just don't pick the first locksmith Ad or name they see from an online search.  Ask the locksmith for his credentials and get a proper quote.  Pop-A-Lock Barrie was called today to replace a lost key for a 2009 Ford Fusion. Initially, the customer unfortunately called a shady locksmith in the Barrie area to come and replace the key.  The customer was quoted $200 "cash only" for the replacement key.  After the new key was cut and programmed, they were told that they now had to pay $350. Shocked, the customer refused to pay and asked the locksmith to leave.  They then called the company to file a formal complaint.  The locksmith returned to the customer's house and became hostile.  The locksmith told the clients he needed to return to the vehicle to clear a few things.  Once Brent, our Pop-A-Lock owner/operator locksmith in Simcoe County arrived to help correct the situation, he did an examination of the car and discovered the previous locksmith had deliberately snapped off the key ignition in spite.  The key was so badly twisted it needed to be extracted from the ignition.  Once the damaged key was removed, Brent was able to cut and program the new key.  The customer was only charged $135 + HST for the work.  He did not charge the customer for the extraction.  Just another example of a trusted locksmith from Pop-A-Lock providing reliable and transparent service.  Nice job Pop-A-Lock !!!