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Customer was doing a bit of shopping at the Bayfield Mall in Barrie only to return to her 2010 Hyundai Accent and find out that her key did not turn in the ignition. After calling CAA Pop-A-Lock Simcoe County arrived onsite in less than 30 min. While onsite we managed to turn the key to the run position to get the lady mobile. Rather than having her wait outside a chilly parking lot we followed her home so she could be comfortable while we serviced the ignition in her driveway. Turned out the ignition was serviceable but the steering lock mechanism was damaged internally which made it difficult to turn the key.
If you are a CAA member, you are entitled to locksmith services.  Check out the benefits at the CAASCO roadside page.  Pop-A-Lock is the locksmith services provider in CAA South Central Ontario.  Our team is trained and certified to be working on vehicles that require complex keys made or duplicated, remote head keys, fobs, ignition repairs or keys locked in trunk.