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Brent and Jena Foster of Pop-A-Lock Simcoe County lend a hand to family tragedy in Barrie.

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It breaks our heart to see family's in our community go through such a tragedy just before Christmas. After loosing their home and three pets in a house fire this past week they also had damged vehicle keys which could not start their vehicle. Pop-A-Lock arrived Tuesday evening to cut and program two new keys FREE of charge.

From Brent and Jena Foster owner's of Pop-A-Lock Simcoe County

"Its very important to Jena and I that we support our community during difficult times. We can't imagine what these folks are going through; cutting and programming a vehicle key was the very least that we could do"

Thanks extend from the entire Pop-A-Lock family to Brent and Jena for helping out and we wish these people good wishes towards getting back on their feet.