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I'm about a month away from getting another van so I didn't really want to spend any more on this one.  Luck being what it is I lost the only transponder key I have for my 05 base Caravan.  Did the usual call the dealer and found that I'd have to have it towed in, pay 204.00 plus tax, then go to a locksmith for cutting, then come back for 51.50 plus tax programming.  Did a google search for transponder keys orillia and started calling.  Brent was about the 10th search result on google and the second one I called (first never replied).  After explaining my dilemma and finding my CAA membership earns a substantial discount, and that the work would be done right there in the driveway, we started trying to figure out the when.  This was on a Thursday that I called, he offered to come Friday but I was at an all day event that day.  I said I guess we'll have to wait till monday and Brent said no way - how about Saturday.  HUH?  No kidding?  Yup- and no extra charge for weekends.  WOW!  We set 2:00 Saturday (which is the day I'm writing this!).  At 10 till one Brent called to confirm, and was in my driveway just before 2:00. Due to the vehicle itself Brent had to eventually access the internet right there in his van to get certain codes for my van as they couldn't be retrieved readily - this is because of the vehicle itself.  Once the codes were obtained it took a grand total of 10 minutes to cut the key and program it.  If I had gone with the dealer paying for towing etc. it would have ran me about 400.00 and extra running around.  Brent came to me - got the job done making sure that all the security issues were addressed (forms signed etc.), all for less than a third of what the other option would have cost.  All the while he was explaining what was being done and why.  Plus a tour of his well equipped (impressive!) van with everything on board neat and well placed, which was kind of him to do.
The cost was exactly what I was quoted on the phone, the service friendly, professional and very well performed.  I couldn't be more impressed or happy with the results (exception being not losing the key in the first place!).  I have a pile of his cards and brochures and I will be passing them out to anyone who has any kind of lock!
Thank You Brent - you've bailed me out of a bad situation very painlessly!
Michael Hardison